Fully guarantee the "over the glacier"

Recently, "Flying the Glacier to Start Dreams" has caused hundreds of media across the country to focus on this incident. The “ special oil for the Longyu cold area ”, as the designated vehicle for ensuring the overflying activities, has quickly become the focus of the -----

China's first clean energy automobile promotion bas…

Recently, the road transport industry in Tianjin held a working conference on the promotion and application of clean energy vehicles. At the same time, China's first clean energy vehicle promotion base was officially put into use, indicating that the city's road transport industry has ente-----

Clutch common two emergency treatment methods

A. Clutch is not separated emergency treatment If the clutch is not separated and temporarily cannot be repaired, but you wish to drive as soon as possible, the following emergency measures may be taken: 1, first into the high-speed gear, using a cart or u-----