Technical Advantages of CXC-06 Fiber Tester

Technical Advantages of CXC-06 Fiber Tester Crude fiber, also known as dietary fiber, includes components such as cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and keratin, and is a collection of various ingredients. Crude fiber cannot be absorbed by the body, but it is still powerful. The consumpt-----

Local components approaching half of the country's …

The automobile market share from the main brands has been rising for the past three years, and in particular it even reached a market share of nearly 50% in 2009, which is a significant increase compared with 10 years ago. Correspondingly, in the auto parts industry, the market share of local comp-----

Global tire industry reproduces rising prices

As the price of rubber raw materials continues to rise, tire profits have shrunk dramatically. Recently, tire manufacturers have had to increase sales prices. This is the second wave of rising prices in the global tire industry following the increase in tire prices at the beginning of the year. Th-----

Soda ash industry is in its most difficult period or ha…

Demand Significantly Increases Prices Stabilizes Recovery The soda ash market has stabilized and recovered this year. Soda Ash Industry Association Chairman Tong Lili said in an interview with CCIN reporters this week that in 2010, soda ash production, sales volume and prices will all be higher tha-----

How to solve the noise of regulating valve

1) Eliminate the resonance noise method Only when the control valve resonance, only the energy superposition produces strong noise more than 100 dB, some performance is strong vibration, the noise is not big, some vibration is weak, but the noise is very large; some vibration And the noise is greate-----

Yifeng Crush: Innovation is the Golden Key to Open the …

The traditional pulverizer products are used in many traditional industries such as food, medicine, agriculture, and chemical industry. With the development of science and technology and the expansion of the application fields, it also poses new challenges for crushing equipment. Founded in 1996, -----