China's bearing industry's annual demand growth…

In recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has maintained a rapid growth, especially the rapid development of electric motors, power generation equipment, pumps, blowers, compressors and other industries, providing a larger market space for the development of the sliding-----

Automatic valve troubleshooting

One of the faults, the valve barrier. The reasons are as follows: â‘  The control passage is blocked by debris (the passage is small and easy to block); â‘¡ The piston is jammed in the highest position due to rust stains; although the upper part is forced, it can not move down and can not op-----

Research and Development of Stepper Motor in China

Stepper motors, also known as pulse motors or step motors, are generally known as Step montor or Stepping motor, Pulse montor, Stepper, etc. abroad. Recently, with the development and changes of electronic technology, control technology, and motor body, the interface between traditional m-----

Sanitation machinery: Chaoyang industry to be sprayed

In recent years, a large-scale urbanization movement has opened the curtain in China. According to the Urban Blue Book released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as of 2009, the urbanization rate in China was 46.6%, the urban population was 620 million, and the scale of urbanizat-----

The world's largest single cold hydrogenation plant

Jiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Technology Development Co., Ltd. Technological upgrading project - 100,000 tons cold-hydrogenation project was officially put into operation recently. According to reports, this is the largest cold hydrogenation unit in the world. It is reported that the cold-hydrogenati-----