·59 rubber companies in Qingdao were investigated

On the 23rd, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that Huangdao has comprehensively launched the second batch of rubber enterprise special rectification actions. Up to now, the second batch of 59 enterprises has completed the investigation and will solve t-----

Electric "pretty" Greentown - the eighth inte…

Each time there is always a new gathering together, each gathering always for the same purpose, according to legend seven, each theme always brings different new ideas in the industry, reunited as a heritage. In this forum, there are different voices, advanced technologies, prefaced policies, high-----

Particle counter counting of tiny seed particles

The counting and grading of fine particles is of special importance in production and scientific research. One of the unique advantages of the laser diffraction method compared to the currently used methods is the most notable and attractive one. Non-contact, because the information is ge-----