What are the benefits of urea fluid for cars?

The most basic function of urea solution for vehicles is to convert the nitrogen oxides in vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and water, save energy and protect the environment so that your car meets the national exhaust emission standa

Horse brand new US plant put into operation

February 14th, 2014, the new plant of German brand Tire in Sumter, South Carolina, USA has officially opened and put into operation. The Sumter plant will also produce German horse tires and general tires (GeneralTireBrand) to meet the growing demand of automakers an

What is Dongfeng sprinkler diesel high pressure common rail?

Dongfeng sprinklers now use almost all high-pressure common-rail engines. What is high pressure common rail?

1. High-pressure common rail means that several injectors share a high-pressure rail. The pressure in the rail is established by the

Mini Mars simulates Martian dust for scientists

Mars dust causes serious damage to sensitive equipment, so the researchers created a room to simulate the surface of Mars. Test before the device launches on this red planet.

Interactive lighting design is more attractive to consumers

The interactive lighting design makes it easier for visitors to stop and watch, and even participate in it, which can effectively promote the popularity in the commercial district. In the outlook for the 2014 lighting design trend, Ren Zhi, chief designer of Beijing Zhimei Lighting, pointe

· China's car sales in January hit a record high

On February 13th, it was learned from the China Automobile Association that in January China's automobile production and sales maintained a growth momentum, and the start was good, with sales reaching a new record.
In addition, in response to the recent