Jiangling Motors Power Generation Next Generation Transit Products

Jiangling Motors (000550) announced on the evening of March 24 that the company’s board of directors reviewed and approved the J09 Foreign Supplier Project Development and Testing Agreement with the Ford Motor Company and the Memorandum on the Applic

LED lighting change trend will appear in 2014

The upstream LED driver IC shows that the demand for LED lighting in the mainland continues to rise. Driver IC manufacturers 矽力杰 and Angbao Electronics have experienced the demand for LED lighting in the mainland. The current monthly revenue contribution of the LED driver I

How to digitalize soil fertility?

How to digitalize soil fertility?

The discussion of soil fertility is a prerequisite for agriculture, but how to use digital to reflect soil fertility, or to measure the quality of soil fertility, how is this process completed? In the past, the level of soil fertility of

Fully guarantee the "over the glacier"

Recently, "Flying the Glacier to Start Dreams" has caused hundreds of media across the country to focus on this incident. The “ special oil for the Longyu cold area ”, as the designated vehicle for ensuring the overflying activi

Clutch common two emergency treatment methods

A. Clutch is not separated emergency treatment
If the clutch is not separated and temporarily cannot be repaired, but you wish to drive as soon as possible, the following emergency measures may be taken:

1, first into the high-speed gear,

Below 0°C, the water truck no longer works on the street

Yesterday, the hot spring sanitation department said that in order to reduce the impact of road dust on people's travel, the urban area will use the sprinkler three times a day, and the weather below 0°C will no longer be sprinkled.


Dielectric Constant Dielectric Loss Tester Repair

Dielectric constant dielectric loss tester maintenance 1. Newly-purchased equipment inspection Newly-purchased equipment is best able to use the LKI-2 inductor group first, to measure the Q value of each inductor at each different frequency, the test case, the inductor number used, the test fre

Compression garbage truck main structure composition

1. Box The compact garbage truck box is welded with steel plates of 8mm, 5mm, 4mm and 16Mn. The channel steel in the bottom of the car box is both the basic component of the steel body structure and the push plate to support. Lightweight maximiz