Rocker Giant - Lifting a High Jet

Today we come to introduce another kind of fire truck, lifting a high jet fire truck. The composition of a high-ejection fire truck includes a folding telescopic arm structure, an electric remote-controlled fire monitor, a

Which country is strong?

Which national rain collection Dafa is strong?

Introduction: Rainwater harvesting is of vital importance to the production and livelihood of mankind. It has the significance of slowing r

How many types of fire truck can you recognize?

In the city, we often see fire trucks, special vehicles such as sprinklers, garbage trucks, sweepers, etc. from time to time. Especially in summer, the frequency of seeing a fire engine is

Some points to note when refitting a stage car

Nowadays, various performance programs are also ingenious. Not only the scale of the performance is gradually expanding, but also the modes of various performances are constantly changing. In order to meet