Main parameters of roller crusher

1. The angle of the double-roller (glossy) crusher is assumed to be a spherical shape. The contact point between the ore and the two rollers is respectively tangent, and the angle between the two tangent lines is the an

MC, MZ, MS series buried scraper conveyor

1. Use a single high-strength mining ring chain to drag the scraper and drive it with a concave-toothed sprocket, which has the characteristics of large load capacity, long chain life and high strength.

2. The chain can be automatica

How to choose the deep hole blasting parameters in the underground?

In the deep hole blasting in the well, there are many parameters to be selected such as the diameter of the blasthole d, the minimum resistance line W, the hole distance b, the explosive consumption of the explosive, and the length of the packing.
The diameter of th

Non-cyanide leaching is a gold extraction technique

Appears cyanidation gold extraction of iodine 100 years, it has been a great development, dominant in the gold industry. The cyanide gold extraction process is simple, the adaptability is

Research progress of ultrafine WC-Co cemented carbide

Hard fine crystalline alloy (an average WC grain size of the alloy is 0.1 to 0.6 m) having a high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and other excellent properties to meet the development of modern industrial and specialty