·Argentina will anti-dumping aluminum alloy wheels

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce received a note from the Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Production and Trade of the Argentine Ministry of Production. The Arab side has received a written applica

Electrical transformation of 2m×7m gantry milling machine

: Introduce the electrical transformation of the milling machine and the application of the programmable controller on the milling machine.
The 2mx7m gantry milling machine is the original Soviet-made product in the 1970s. The equipment has been idle for many years, the electrical com

Shengwei Elastomeric Slurry Sampling Valve Testing Online Successfully

Wuhan Shengwei Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. invented and developed a sample of the pulp slurry sampling valve, and the world’s first product with a new kinetic energy model—the TJQF-1000 no-flush elastic pulp slurry sample After more than three months of continuous use of the v

Road sweeper classification

In response to the scene of a large number of sanitation workers cleaning the streets in the past, the appearance of road sweepers is undoubtedly a great fe

Lightning engineering design, verification and approval system

Lightning engineering design, review, approval system 1. The design personnel must follow the international IEC, ITU standards, or national mandatory standards "Building Lightning Design Code" (GB50057-942000 version) of the overall design. Other technical parameters must be specific

Analysis of Market Prospects of Wood Drying Equipment Industry

The 2015 edition of China's wood drying equipment industry in-depth research and market outlook analysis report, China Industry Research Network released the 2015 version of China's wood drying equipment industry in-depth research and market prospects report first introduced the ba

Smart grid technology and equipment to start a special declaration

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology released "Guideline for Application of 2016 Key Projects of High-Performance Computing and other Key National R & D Programs", "High Performance Computing", "Promotion and Industrialization of Key Basic