Taiwan develops high performance flow control valve

To cope with increasingly fierce international competition, the Taiwan Metal Industry Research and Development Center is developing high-performance flow control valves to assist local industry in developing high value-added industrial valves with market p

China's only successful 70-ton hydraulic crawler crane

Fushun Construction Machinery Factory has successfully developed QUY70 hydraulic crawler cranes using advanced foreign technologies. The machine is mainly used for lifting, and also has the functions of replacing shovel equipment, piling frame, pulling shovel

In 2002, China's bearings will show a more robust market trend

In 2002, the macroeconomic environment at home and abroad will play a decisive role and have an important impact on the development of China's bearing industry and bearing market demand at home and abroad. Its outstanding performance is reflected in four a

Survey and Analysis of China Construction Crane Industry in 2000

Industry sales exceeded RMB 1.5 billion. The production and operation of China's construction crane industry grew significantly in 1999. In 2000, the industry continued to steadily increase. According to statistics from the China Construction Crane Branch,