Carbon-bearing gold ore experimental research program

I. Mineral chemical characteristics of carbonaceous gold deposits
Produced in black (or carbon-containing) gold mine rock series in sedimentary rocks and is one of the world's major gold deposit type. Since the b

Summary of non-cyanide immersion gold method

There are many immersion gold processes today, and the dominant cyanidation process is still dominant, but the acute toxicity of cyanidation is seriously endangering the environment and human health. In order to reduce environmental pollution an

Manganese ore underground mining method

At present, the amount of mining underground mining of manganese ore mining accounting for about 30% of the amount. The underground mining mines mainly include Hunan Xiangtan, Xiangtao Park, and Gangan Mountain; Guizhou Zunyi and Songtao; Shaanxi Lijiaying;

Current status of phosphate rock flotation process

Complex phosphate mineral composition of different types of ore, since the differences in mineralization conditions, and the content of mineral species, disseminated grain size, structure and other structures, and the degree of diffi

Factors influencing the grading process

There are many factors affecting the grading process, which are summarized in three aspects, namely ore properties, equipment construction and operating con

Practice of water prevention and control in Jinling Iron Mine

Abstract:Mine waterproof and water control is much important to mining and environmental protection. Depending on different conditions of hydrological geology,Jingling Iron Mine has adopted different methods of controlling underground water such as unwatering, integ

Aluminum electrolysis production technology (3)

2. The apparatus main electrolytic production of aluminum - an aluminum reduction cell Profile Evolution (1) an aluminum reduction cell in aluminum electrolysis industry, the size of the electrolytic cell, generally known as cell capacity, whi

Marble mining method

Open-pit mining is to dig open-air channels from the surface of the ore body and create a mining face to extract the blocks from the working face. According to the topographical conditions buried in the deposit, the open slope mine is located at the lowest level of the mining sit

Preparation of chromium oxide technology

The process of producing chromium oxide from chromium salts. Commercially speaking, chromium oxide refers to Cr2O3. Chromium oxide is mainly used as raw materials of chromium metal calorimetry, also f