Flotation method of lead-zinc ore

Lead Zinc is one of the older metal human extracted from the lead-zinc ore. Lead and zinc are widely used in the electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgical indus

Assess whether a smart lock has become explosive: Need these eight indicators

At present, intelligent manufacturing has become an important part of China's industrial upgrading. As a traditional security door and smart lock industry, how to use the new thinking of the Internet + in the wave of smart manufacturing to gain the dividends of the information age is cons

China's steel industry energy consumption problem

1. low concentration of iron and steel plants, small scale and scattered

According to statistics, in 2005, there were 18 enterprises with a crude steel output of more than 5 million tons in China, accounting for only 46

Adjustment of flotation pulp

         Adjusting the floating mineral slurry comprises a slurry depth, PH value and the like. The temperature and water quality of the flotation slurry have obvious conditions for sorting. Before the slurr

Tongli Heavy Industry won 550 off-highway dump trucks

On September 21st, 2017, Tongli Heavy Industry was very happy during the “BICES 2017” exhibition. After a large number of continuous mining products of Inner Mongolia, a large coal industry group in Inner Mongolia once again cooperated with Tongli Heavy Industry and signed 550 units