Art light master lighting down to the ground and the dealer to win

With the rapid development of the real estate industry in recent years, the lighting industry in the same industrial chain has become more prosperous. At present, China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of lighting appliances. As of 2009, China's lighting com

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires EVs to be "new"

In order to solve the problem of how the public distinguishes after the emergence of electric vehicles, the US Department of Environmental Protection recently proposed a reform proposal for fuel economy labels. The new label will

Rising demand for raw materials to boost demand for tires

The price increase seems to have become the theme of 2010. From daily consumption of garlic to industrial raw materials, wave after wave of price increases made us lose their eyes. Nowadays, due to the impact of rising prices of natural rubber as the main raw

New fuel consumption standards are being approved

In response to the news, “The Passenger Car Fuel Consumption Limit (the third stage standard) will be issued in December and the fuel consumption standard will be reduced by 20%”, the drafter of the standard and the Institute of Standardization of

Weekly Used Ship Market (2010.10.7-10.13)

Tanker market turnover this week:

Ship Size (DWT) Construction Year Buyer's Price (Million USD) Remarks Lania 248050 1990 Far Eastern 1400 Tsuneshi Resale 107000 2011 Brightoil 6000 Promise 106680 1991 Unknown 900 Pink Sands 9389

"Twelve Five Years" China Will Accelerate the Development of Circular Economy

During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, China will focus on key industries, key parks, key enterprises, and key products to promote industrial energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution control to a new level, accelerate the development of recycling economy, remanufa