Marine Cell Fender for Jetty

Model NO.: Marine Cell Fender For Jetty
Certificate: ABS, Lr, BV, Nk, Dnv, Rina, RS, Irs, CCS

Seven factors affecting the building intercom system

As the standard security product configuration of today's residential quarters, the products produced by various enterprises conform to the requirements of customers, and they want to stand alone and become more promising. The functions are becoming more and more abundant, and the technic

Monitoring explosion-proof construction details

Monitoring explosion-proof construction details
Is the cable type used in the monitoring system appropriate? Because it is very difficult to replace the communication line once it is completed, what line should be used for the line, it is not possible to steal work or replace it.

Why is the screw vacuum pump not on the water?

Screw vacuum pump is a new generation of oil-sealed vacuum pump, which is widely used in domestic pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other enterprises that have high requirements for clean vacuum. The screw vacuum pump utilizes a pair of screws to perform an inspiratory and exhaust

The difference between fiber jumper and fiber pigtail is different

(FC, SC, ST, LC) 12-core bundle / ribbon pigtail 12-core bundle pigtail technical parameters:
[Guide] The types of jumpers and pigtails are very rich. The main difference between jumpers and pigtails is that only one end of the pigtail has a connector, and the