The use of forklift axle housing for CNC machine tools

When machining the workpiece, due to the limitation of the axle housing structure, the hydraulic tailstock clamps the workpiece due to the axial force, so that the deformation of the bridge and the bore is inconsistent, the workpiece will be deformed by deflection, and after the machinin

Filling Market Blanks Fast Introduces New Products

Since the beginning of this year, Fast Group has closely followed the global automotive technology frontier, actively improved the independent innovation system and the construction of the scientific and technological R&D system, and continuously pushed forward p

Kunlun Lubricants Debuts Fourth-Generation Gasoline Detergent

With the innovative thinking of Kunlun Lubricants , Kunlun has successfully developed a fourth-generation gasoline detergent that is suitable for China's high-olefin content gasoline. The development and application of this technology has provide

Omar light card fuel consumption is new low

On October 18th, “Energy-saving Low-Carbon Routing I Futian Line” - the first “Futian Automobile Cup” energy-saving skill contest in the Beijing transportation industry, Omar won the “Beijing Transportation Industry First Award” awarded by the Beijing M

Global petrochemical trade pattern reshaping

Drying equipment

Mark Elramo, Vice President of IHS Chemicals, pointed out at the 46th European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) annual meeting held in Budapest from October 6th to October 10th tha