What is road maintenance

We can often see such scenes on the road. A large, flat road appears suddenly with a patch-like special surface. In fact, this kind o

Horse brand new tires sold in autumn

Recently, the Continental Group Tire Americas is promoting its new tire products in Farmington and Pininnia. The brand Terrain Contact A/T tires. The tires are a light truck tire. The user target is mainly for pickups and SUVs. Off-road vehicle owners.

Dumping process of garbage truck

Due to the increasingly advanced environmental sanitation equipment of today's cities, and the level of knowledge and skills of practitioners that cannot keep up with the

The development prospect of compressed garbage truck

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the happiness index for the environment has also increased, and the environmental protection has also been put on the agenda. Today, the editor of the special car networ

FAW Xichai: Doing a Pioneer in Circular Economy

Comprehensively judging the world economic situation and China's new normal, the authoritative organization predicts that “in 2016, global GDP will increase by only 2.4%.” Weak supply and weak demand have constrained China’s economic development and have also becom

The automatic transmission industry needs internal strength

The demand for automatic transmissions in the current market is increasing year by year. Many Chinese self-owned brand vehicle companies are competing for the market, and they have also begun to accelerate the pace of matching automatic transmissions for strategic models. It can be said t