Direct control of tool path of virtual axis machine tool

The emergence of virtual axis CNC machine tools is considered to be the most revolutionary machine tool design breakthrough of this century. This new type of machine tool completely breaks the concept of the traditional machine tool structure, abandoning the fixed guide tool guide mode, an

Philips launches smart lights that HueGo can take with you

Recently, Philips revealed that its Hue series of smart lighting will add a new member HueGo. This new product looks like a bowl, but the connotation is never as simple as a bowl. Like the previous Hue series, it can be connected to the app associated with the phone and then controlled in detai

Avis Rent A Car Rental Campaign

From now on, Avis Rent A Cars will launch a more rented concession program. Enter MR30 to get it. For customers who have a lease of not less than 3 days, they can enjoy a minimum rent of 58 yuan per day (excluding luxury re

Edison style LED filament lamp is your wayward way

We all know that Edison-style tungsten filament bulbs are more expensive than LED energy-saving bulbs, but their unique illumination and atmosphere are not replaced by LED bulbs. However, energy conservation and environmental protection has now become the trend of the entire lighting industry,

Application of digester in the determination of milk protein content

The content of protein in milk is very rich, and the protein therein is a nitrogen-containing organic compound. For the determination of protein content, the sample needs to be heated and digested together with sulfuric acid and a catalyst to decompose the protein, and the decomposed

Car rental business fire prices have doubled to rent early

During the Spring Festival, it was difficult to buy train tickets, air tickets are too expensive, and long-distance buses are too crowded. Choosing what way to go home has become a “headache” problem for peo

Weichai Launches First Pure Electric Road Sweeper

Recently, Weichai New Energy Power Systems Engineering Department, relying on Weichai New Energy Power Technology Platform and advantages, successfully developed the first pure electric road sweeper in only four months. At present, the performance of thi

Create five core competitive advantages

Create five core competitive advantages

The reporter recently learned from the 2015 working conference held by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Sciences (referred to as the Institu