Soft mechanical arm assembly optical sensor with human touch

According to the British Daily Mail, robots have been used on production lines for decades, enabling automated processing and rapid assembly of many items such as computer accessories and automotive parts. Although the robotic arms are very practical, they still lack t

How is China's agricultural landscape in 2016? These 16 words tell you

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In 2016, China's agricultural development has undergone many changes, and agricultural restructuring has achieved initial results. The implementation of a series of favorable agricultural policies has contributed to the d

Development Status of Sweepers at Home and Abroad

Foreign development status

In countries with relatively advanced industries, at the end of the 19th century, some people started to study road sweepers. By the 1920s, large-scale and medium-sized sweepers had already appeared on the market.

How do LED companies identify the market tipping point for smart lighting?

In October 2012, a technology-based lighting company held an investment promotion conference in Guangzhou to launch LED intelligent lighting products. Customers can choose the color of light or the colorful light environment to create different atmospheres according to different places and real