·Automobile sales are targeting the regional growth pole

Right now, the 17th Chengdu Auto Show is still in full swing. This year's auto show attracted 102 auto brands from home and abroad, setting a new record high; major auto manufacturers released 68 first models and 17 concept cars. At the same time, this auto show also gathered hig

CNC transformation of machine tools

The economical machining center is an automated machine tool that is relatively inexpensive and can perform various processes such as drilling, boring, milling, and reaming. The machining center is a high-tech modern equipment with a wide range of processes, high degree of automation and

The future development trend of LED lighting industry

With the continuous innovation and innovation of the LED lighting industry, coupled with the current roadmap for the elimination of incandescent lamps, the trend of LED lighting is even more distinct. Moreover, LED lighting has entered a rapid growth period, LED lighting prices will continue to

Do not drive after working with aerial vehicle drivers

In recent years, a large number of traffic accident investigation results show that due to the careless driver medication, resulting in lack of concentration, dizziness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, slow response caused by traffic acc

What is a car exemption announcement?

Many customers do not know what is a car exemption announcement? Today, XCMG Chu Sheng sprinkler manufacturers explain in detail what the car (sprinkler) is exempt from the announcement and what effect it has.

First of all, we need to le

Rapid development of domestic mold SMEs

Rapid development of domestic mold SMEs With the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in China, the contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to society has be