Xiangyang City Powerfully Leads Phosphorus Chemical Industry to Intensive Transformation

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“Baokang County is rich in phosphate mineral resources, Gucheng County has vanadium-titanium pyrite resources, Nanxun County has excellent investment environment and location advantages, Yicheng City has the logistics advantage of water and land access – located in Liyang, Hubei Province The four counties (cities) are working together to jointly build the Wu'an Phosphorus Chemical Industry Circular Economy Industrial Park in Nanzhang County, which has an annual output value of 100 billion yuan. Although this “Wu'an Model” is in its infancy, it has already shown its advantages.” Hubei Province Phosphorus Chemical Industry Huang Wenjun, director of the Market Management Committee and senior engineer, said in an interview with reporters last week. Xiangyang, as a major city of phosphorus resources but a non-phosphorus chemical industry, began to reverse its situation.

Fuyang City is rich in phosphorite resources, and Baokang Phosphorus Mine is one of the country's eight major phosphate mines. In the 1950s, Puyang Phosphorus Mine and Guizhou Kaiyang Phosphorus Mine and Yunnan Kunyang Phosphorus Mine were also called China's three major phosphate deposits. They were dubbed as “Sanyang Kaitai”. However, for a long time, Liyang, a major city of phosphorus resources, has not become a strong chemical market for phosphorus. In 2009, in the investigation report of the Chemical Industry Association of Xiangyang City, the issue of extensive management of local phosphorus resources development was pointed out: Phosphorus chemical companies are small in scale, low in concentration, lack of large leading enterprises; the product structure is irrational, and the processing depth is not enough. , The added value is not high; resource planning is not high, the mining and sales of phosphate minerals are all in their own right, and 70% of resources are exported to foreign countries.

Therefore, last year, Xiangyang City began to strongly guide the transformation of the phosphorus chemical industry from extensive to intensified, refined, and large-scale, and decided to concentrate its efforts on establishing a high-standard phosphorus chemical industrial park in Wu'an Town, and at the same time introduced the national phosphate industry. Leading enterprises - Yichang Xingfa Group and Sichuan Longxi Group, as the main business entity of Wuan Industrial Park, dominate the development and utilization of phosphate resources.

According to reports, the Wu'an Industrial Park has a total planned area of ​​15.02 square kilometers and the goal is to establish the largest phosphorus chemical base in the central region. Among them, Sichuan Longxi Group will invest 15 billion yuan to build an annual output of 3 million tons of phosphate, 600,000 tons of rutile titanium dioxide, an annual output of 6 million tons of sulfuric acid, 500,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 8 million tons of phosphate rock mining And supporting engineering project group (abbreviated as "360" project), built a sulfuric acid-phosphate-titanium dioxide recycling economy industrial base. The project will be constructed in two phases. It is planned that the first phase of the project will be started in July of this year and the completion of the project will be completed by the end of 2017. After the project is completed, an annual output value of 23 billion yuan can be realized. At present, the "360" project has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Xingfa Group is focused on the overall goal of building a domestic first-class chemical industry park, adhering to the concept of fine chemicals and circular economy development, and taking the food-grade phosphate and silicone downstream products as the development direction, constructing the “122” project in two phases, ie investing 10 billion yuan. More than yuan, the construction of two major industries of phosphorus chemical industry and silicon chemical industry, the formation of a large-scale modern chemical industry park with an annual output value of 20 billion yuan, profits and taxes of more than 2 billion yuan.

Jianhua Chemical Industrial Park, Nanjian Wu'an is the ideal place. The transportation is convenient. Adjacent to the Jing-Jing Expressway, 4 provincial highways cross the border, and Jiaozhou-Liuzhou Railway Station Yicheng and Hanjiang Yicheng Wharf are also close. In terms of water resources, the two largest rivers in the county pass through here. With regard to land use, the area is a hilly area with relatively open terrain and vast land resources. Judging from the regional location, Wu'an is closer to the city of Liyang, which is conducive to attracting talents. However, Nanxun only has regional advantages, and ore resources rely on Baokang and Gucheng counties, and logistics exports depend on Yicheng.

Phosphorus chemical industry, the resource is king. Puyang phosphate resources are mainly concentrated in Baokang. Baokang certainly hopes that the combination of mineralization and local transformation, but Baokang is a mountain county, is not suitable for setting up large-scale industries, and Baokang's position is the "back garden" of Xiangyang, and the development of chemical industry is unfavorable to the ecological environment. The focus of cooperation between the four counties (cities) is Baokang and Nanxun. To this end, the Xiangyang Municipal Government broke administrative barriers and promoted cross-regional cooperation. In September last year, Baokang and Nanzhao counties signed a mutually beneficial cooperation agreement for the establishment of the Phosphorus Chemical Industry Park. Baokang provided support and services for the park enterprises from the aspect of phosphate rock resources protection. The industrial output value and industrial added value formed by the company using Baokang resources account for 50% of the total in the two counties; the county-level retained portion of the realized VAT and enterprise income tax is divided into two parts by June 4th.

There is no fertilizer or water outside the field, and the phosphate resources are given to Nanzhao for processing. In Baokang County, there were also different voices. However, after emancipating the ideological discussions, we reached a consensus. "The Wu'an cooperation model reflects a great openness and great collaboration. For Baokang, it is to borrow a ladder to go upstairs and borrow a boat to go to sea." said Ye Cong, secretary of the Baokang county party committee.

Wu'an Industrial Park also produces silicon and titanium products. It needs the supporting resources of silica and vanadium-titanium magnetite in Gucheng County. Therefore, it also involves the mutually beneficial cooperation between Nanxun and Gucheng. Moreover, Wu'an Industrial Park's logistics exports are located in Yicheng City. In the active fight for Nanxun County, Yicheng stated that it will fully support the construction of the special railway line for the industrial park and the water transport terminal, and support the industrial park enterprises to register and establish a joint-stock logistics company in Yicheng. At present, the Xiangyang Municipal Government has established a coordination and leading group for the construction of industrial parks to strengthen the supervision, guidance, and coordination of cooperation among the four counties (cities).

Not long ago, Fan Ruiping, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Committee, presided over the launch of the Industrial Park Development Project and the Longyan Project Promotion Conference. Fan Ruiping stressed that it is necessary to build the industrial park into a gathering area for the phosphorus, titanium and silicon chemical industries and a demonstration area for circular economy.

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