Gift recovery chaos perspective: Profit up to 50% Regulatory vacuum

Gift recovery chaos perspective: Profit up to 50% Regulated vacuum diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2013-01-08

Regulations "two don't ask" status quo "two don't care"
Recycling gifts
Regulatory vacuum (gift recycling chaos perspective)
At the end of each year at the end of the year, gift collection will enter the "peak season." Reporters visited the streets of Zhengzhou and found that in addition to traditional cigarettes, alcohol, health products, high-end electronic products are becoming the new darling of recycling stores, underground trading is amazing. According to insiders, the profit was as high as 50%.
At the same time, the industry follows the basic rules: not to ask the seller’s identity, not to ask for gifts. In this gray market, regardless of the business sector, discipline inspection departments do not check, gift recycling has become a "two no matter what" vacuum zone.
High-end electronics recycling profits
In the technology market in Zhengzhou City, Mr. Wang runs an Apple product store. He said, “Will you use tobacco and alcohol as gifts? They are all pediatrics. Now the gifts have been transferred to high-end mobile phones, computers, or cameras.” According to Mr. Wang, IPhone4 just listed it, there are several people to buy a few, but that is a gift. Interestingly, people are buying in front of them, and there is a person behind them who “sends back”. The new iPhone 4 is placed in front of you. The packaging is intact and the accessories are complete. Can you ask for a return? When recycling, the other person did not even actively ask, "Are you giving me a discount?"
“Even after the arrival of mobile phones and other electronic products, even if you have never used them once, they have become second-hand goods and immediately devalued. Things turn around in a circle, and they return to the hands of dealers, earning a thousand or two thousand dollars. This is a beautiful thing. Who does not want to do?” Mr. Wang said that in the technology market, there are a number of electronic product recycling stores are left-handed sales. The difference between earning before and after is much higher than selling the product.
It is also understood that the recovered gifts are generally purchased at 40%-50% of the market price, and the business profits are high, and there may also be an "unexpected harvest." Someone will give gifts and will bring money, gold necklaces and other valuables to the gifts. When this "package" gift hits, even if the business hits the Grand Canal, the industry calls this "gold rush."
The purchase of "secondhand gifts" is difficult to mobilize rights
On the morning of January 5th, in a community on Weiyi Road in Zhengzhou City, the reporter saw Mr. Li. He said he bought fake wine in a gift recycling shop.
“The shop was right next to my home. I knew the boss but I was cheated by someone I knew.” According to Mr. Li, he often went to a gift recycling shop next to the district to buy wine. Not long ago, the boss called Mr. Li and asked if there was a box of “colored pottery wines” or not. “Just one of my friends told me to drink, and I sold this box to him. I didn’t know if he called that night. Saying that the wine is fake.” Mr. Li said that he sent the remaining wine to the manufacturer for identification. The result was indeed false. Then he went to the gift recycling shop, but the boss had disappeared.
Buying "second-hand gifts" is cheated and selling gifts to recycling stores is also easy to deceive. Zhang Xiao, who lives in Jinshui District of Zhengzhou City, has also experienced deception. During the National Day this year, a friend sent him a few Chinese cigarettes, thinking that he had quit smoking. Zhang Xiao was planning to sell it to a nearby tobacco and alcohol store. The staff in the shop took the cigarettes, looked up and down several times, and squeezed it with his hand. He said, “Need to get the owner to identify the inside.”
After a while, the staff took the smoke back and said, "The smoke is real, but it can only be collected." After some bargaining, the two parties did not come together.
In the evening, a few friends came to the house. Zhang Xiao had taken a Chinese cigarette. Smoke just ignited, and the friend said: "This smoke has a problem." After identification, it is indeed false. The friend reminded him that he must have been transferred by the clerk. Looking for the door to ask, it can be imagined that the owner did not recognize that Zhang Xiao had to think he was unlucky.
"The main way for businesses to profit is to 'convert princes and princes'. Customers will go to gift recycling stores in all likelihood to be pitted!" An insider told reporters that gift recycling shops are basically all gangs committing crimes. Taking tobacco as an example, usually First take your smoke out and take a look at it, and then put forward to inspection, took the opportunity to tamper with the column, and then refused to accept the smoke as a problem.
Lack of clear management practices in illegal operations
There is a great demand for gift recycling market. What are the conditions for operating this business? The reporter contacted a boss who had been doing gift recycling business for many years, but he has now switched to catering. "As long as you don't publicly sell the recovered gifts, you don't need to go through any formalities," he said.
The gifts recovered by the merchants still have to flow back to the market. In addition to a small portion sold to ordinary consumers, more must be sold through special channels. Because the gifts received, such as tobacco, are controlled goods, large supermarkets or regular shops must have detailed documents. However, many hotels or hotels that do not primarily sell products are able to tying such products while providing other services.
Gift chaos is worrying, but who should regulate and manage these gift recycling stores?
In a smoke hotel in Jingwu Road, Zhengzhou, the reporter saw the sign “Gift Recycling” on the door of the store. In the store's business license, there is no "gift recycling" service.
A person in charge of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Wenzhou Road, Zhengzhou City's Industrial and Commercial Bureau stated that according to the regulations, business operators engaged in business other than business licenses are all illegal activities. It is obviously illegal for individual industrial and commercial households selling alcoholic drinks and tobacco to recycle tobacco and alcohol. . At the same time, the responsible person also stated that there is no clear norm for the recycling of gifts in the current regulations, and most of the operators are relatively hidden, and it is difficult to monitor and deal with them.
In addition, many gift recycling shops have now moved to the Internet, and even engage in trans-regional transactions. It is even more difficult for the industrial and commercial departments to investigate and deal with them.
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