Analysis of Development Trends of Precision Measuring Instruments

Analysis of Development Trends of Precision Measuring Instruments As a special industry in the field of instruments, precision measurement instruments have different development paths and other types of instruments, such as the secondary element image measuring instrument and the coordinate measuring machine. Their respective developments have been accumulated for many years. It has thus developed to the point where it is today.

For precision measuring instruments, we know that, like the secondary element image measuring instrument and the three-dimensional measuring instrument, they have evolved from the original simple projectors to the rough manual quadratic elements, as well as the manual three-dimensional elements, to nowadays fully automatic. The development of each step in the secondary element imager and coordinate measuring instrument is an inevitable result in precision measurement instruments. However, the development of these high-precision measuring instruments has not been stagnant. This is a topic that is of great concern to many precision surveyors. Today, we make a brief analysis of this issue.

From the development of precision measuring instruments, we can see that the development process from the second element to the three coordinates is very similar to some things in our lives, such as movies. We watch movies from the perspective of the initial plane, to the empathy of 3D movies, and to the full range of 4D vision, hearing, touch and smell. Compared with the movie, the development of the image measuring instrument is also from the plane measurement of the second element, through the 2.5 dimensional transition to the three-dimensional three-dimensional detection.

Compared with the two, can we say that after a period of development, precision measuring instruments will evolve from today's 3D measurement to our unknown 4D detection realm?

Heavy Duty Cut To Length Line

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