BYD gets EU approval to sell electric buses in all member states

According to a Reuters report, BYD announced on January 7 that it has obtained official EU approval and has the authority to sell electric buses in all EU member states.

The EU has awarded BYD the "Whole Vehicle Type-Approval" (WVTA certification). This means that BYD, which is a member of the European Union, can sell electric buses in its territory without having to obtain additional independent approval from the country.

BYD said that it was another important step in its electric vehicle business to obtain the "European vehicle certification" and it will help BYD to ensure the successful implementation of the electric bus business plan in EU countries this year. BYD has included Europe in its target market for pure electric buses.

On December 11 last year, BYD signed a formal contract with Bulgarian Bulmineral Company. The two parties announced that they will establish Auto Group Motors, a joint venture of electric buses, at a ratio of 50:50. This is the first electric bus joint venture in Europe and the first electric vehicle joint venture established by BYD overseas.

The two parties will implement local production of a pure electric bus K9 in Breznik, Bulgaria. The factory will produce 40 to 60 vehicles a month. It is expected that the first prototype will be rolled out in February this year. BYD plans to radiate into other European markets in the future.

BYD, the world's largest manufacturer of electric buses, has sold more than 300 GreenCity/K9 electric buses and currently holds orders in China, the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Israel, Uruguay and Canada. BYD also considers the production of electric buses in countries such as Canada and the United States.

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