Ronda is optimistic that the proportion of LED lighting in the market will rise to 40% next year.

Lunda benefited from COB integrated packaging and high color rendering series products. The proportion of LED lighting will rise to 40% next year, and the legal person estimates that revenue will increase by more than 60%.
Ronda is the only company in Taiwan's LED industry to adopt a one-stop operation model. The benefits of the merger of Power League will coincide with the growth of LED lighting next year, and the operation mode has advantages in the LED lighting era.
Ronda's COB integrated package and high color rendering series products will be the focus of lighting components development, COB is expected to grow more than three times this year.
Ronda said that this year's LED lighting products accounted for about 30% of revenue, and next year is expected to further increase to 40%, driving overall business growth.
Ronda pointed out that LED lighting has grown quite fast. As for the backlight products, although the market is in a state of saturation, Ronda has a good acquisition in direct-type products. Next year, the two main axes, including lighting and backlight, will show growth.

Double stations Vacuum Forming Machine

Double stations vacuum forming machine applications

Double stations vacuum forming machine is adapt for PVC, PP, PET, PEGT, OPP, POF, PS, ABS etc, it can transform plastic sheets into various plastic blisters. These blisters are widely used in hardware, stationery, commodity, electronic products, health products, disposable cups etc.

It`s also suitable for the blister packaging in toys, hardware, food, electronic products, medicine, commodity and so on. 

Double Stations Vacuum Forming Machine Features

1. Double mould plates design, the heat furnace can heat to the two mold plate respectively. The working efficiency is nearly twice as fast as that of the single mould plate machine

2. 25pcs ceramic infrared heating boards which can be controlled separately, suit for different size or different thickness material.

3. 25pcs Solid state voltage regulators, control heating boards simple and visualized.

4. Large-scale cooling fan which can cool the products quickly.

5. Water-spray cooling system which suit for thick material.(optional)

6. Manual and Semi-auto style.

7. Button or pedal control available, improve the efficiency.

Double Stations  Vacuum Forming Machine

Double stations vacuum forming machine Parameters




Power supply

AC380V 50/60HZ



Max. forming size


Max. forming height




Thickness of material


Machine size

2700*1200 *2000mm

N. weight 


Double Stations Vacuum Forming Machine

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