Fully guarantee the "over the glacier"

Recently, "Flying the Glacier to Start Dreams" has caused hundreds of media across the country to focus on this incident. The “ special oil for the Longyu cold area ”, as the designated vehicle for ensuring the overflying activities, has quickly become the focus of the industry, especially in the Northeast market.

 Extreme cold driving over Heilongjiang Longxi lubricants help new Asians
Dragonfly oil protects the dream of flying over the ice

The special oil for the Longyu cold area has been developed for the oil demand in China's cold regions. It has excellent low temperature fluidity and high temperature oil pressure stability and features that can be used throughout the year. The vehicles that allow the “flying over the ice” site to be able to start quickly even at -40°C do not need to change the viscosity after the vehicle leaves Heihe and return to higher ambient temperatures.

The "low-temperature lubrication system" provided by Longxi's "special oil for the cold area" to the "fly over glaciers" vehicle is very comprehensive, and includes engine oils based on "high pressure", "high viscous king" and "four seasons pass". "God" series gear oil, Zhiyong series brake fluid, ice smooth moving series low temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil, hydraulic God series hydraulic transmission oil, and four seasons protection wheel fat, etc., fully guarantee the vehicle's various systems in low temperature extreme cold environment Smooth operation and responsiveness. Fully meet the low-temperature lubrication requirements for a variety of vehicles including on-site trucks, buses, and construction machinery.

With the launch of the "Flying Glacier" campaign, the brand's influence has been greatly improved. It has assembled "wax crystal molecular evacuation technology", "cryogenic pumping technology", "anti-gel technology", "magnetic oil film technology" and " Low temperature performance and long-lasting technology "The five core technologies are integrated into the Longyu cold area. Special oils are quickly sold. There are friends of drivers who call to inquire about product sales outlets. The investment hotline is continuing to heat up, and the oil in Longyu cold has become the most northeast of this winter. Hot selling products.

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