China's first clean energy automobile promotion base was put into use in Tianjin

Recently, the road transport industry in Tianjin held a working conference on the promotion and application of clean energy vehicles. At the same time, China's first clean energy vehicle promotion base was officially put into use, indicating that the city's road transport industry has entered a new era of clean green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation systems. .

At present, the clean energy promotion base is located in the bus repair center of the Municipal Transportation Group. The vehicles are based on clean, efficient, and safe LNG (liquefied natural gas) vehicles. The base has a "one-stop" service function and integrates green environmental protection and policy advice. Service, vehicle sales and after-sales maintenance are integrated. The base is equipped with senior technicians and maintenance personnel to provide 7 days x 24 hours rescue and maintenance services. According to reports, the city currently has 9,434 passenger buses and more than 160,000 trucks. By 2015, the city’s road transport industry will invest 7,000 clean energy freight cars and 2,000 clean energy passenger cars, which will increase compared to 2012. 5 percentage points and 20 percentage points. The investment of the clean energy promotion base will further speed up the promotion and replacement of clean, environmental, and low-carbon vehicles in the city's road transport industry, help reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, and significantly reduce the emission of pollutants such as PM2.5. Environmental air quality makes a positive contribution.

LNG-fueled vehicles are called LNG vehicles and the main component of fuel is methane. LNG as a vehicle fuel will be reduced by about 85% compared to the combined emission of gasoline and diesel.

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