Miao Wei meets with Steve, the new president of France PSA Group

On May 14, Miao Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial CPC Committee and Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, met with Steve, the new president of the French PSA Group in Wuhan. Both parties exchanged opinions on the development of Shenlong. Sun Ya, Vice Mayor of Wuhan City, Xu Ping, General Manager of Dongfeng Company, Secretary of the Party Committee, Liu Weidong, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Company, Zhou Wenjie, and Assistant to General Manager of Dongfeng Company attended the talks.

Miao Wei said that Shenlong company has made great changes under the joint efforts of both sides, and the cooperation between the two parties has also entered a higher level. At the same time, the governments of Hubei Province and Wuhan Municipality have been paying close attention to and supporting the development of Shenlong Company. In the upcoming National Urban Games held in Wuhan and the 8th Chinese Art Festival, the government will purchase 200 "Triumphal" vehicles as special vehicles. In the future, the Wuhan Municipal Government will continue to create favorable conditions for the follow-up development of Shenlong Company through various tasks, including providing policy support for the construction of parts and components companies, using Yangtze River Shipping to solve product transportation problems, and introducing talents to life and individuals. Treatment offers preferential policies.

Steve thanked Hubei Province and Wuhan Municipal Government for their consistent support to Shenlong. He said that since he took office, he has made inspections on various aspects of Shenlong, and he believes that the cooperation between China and France of Shenlong is very successful. He said that three factors have promoted the development of Shenlong Motor Co., Ltd. Firstly, mutual understanding between Chinese and French personnel; second, advanced organizational structure; and third, the company's favorable external environment. He said that for some time in the future, PSA Group will carry out in-depth research and arrangements for the next step of product development and changes of Shenlong, and together with China to promote the development of Shenlong.

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