Occupational Commanding Heights in Coal Chemical Industry

With the continuous optimization of China's energy structure, petroleum, chemical, natural gas and other industries have become the most promising industries for development. In these industries, the production process and process, the compressor has always been one of the core equipment.
Recently, the reporter learned that China's centrifugal compressor technology has begun to take a new step in terms of performance, efficiency, safety, and reliability. China's petrochemical and other industries are boldly adopting domestic centrifugal compressor products in some major projects.
Thankfully, Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd., the vanguard enterprise of China's fan industry, has been devoting itself to developing new technologies and expanding new markets for many years. Through the combination of production, study and research, Shaanxi Drum has formed a The design, manufacture and complete sets of high-pressure special medium centrifugal compressors with independent intellectual property rights, and have designed and manufactured centrifugal compression of rich gas, synthesis gas, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, recycle gas, natural gas, hydrogen gas, coal gas, cracked gas, raw gas, etc. machine. At the same time, it has the ability to design and manufacture centrifugal compressors for ethylene, propylene, PTA and natural gas transmission.
Occupational Commanding Heights in Coal Chemical Industry
With the rapid development of China's economy, how to effectively take advantage of coal resources, optimize the energy structure, vigorously develop new types of alternative energy sources, and solve oil shortages and the resulting energy security problems have become issues that our government has attached great importance to.
China has abundant coal resources, especially lignite, but if lignite is used directly, its low calorific value, poor quality, and heavy pollution limit its application. Lignite is easily liquefied and is the preferred coal for coal liquefaction. Therefore, it can be used for chemical production after liquefaction.
Recently, Shaanxi Drum won the bid in the first batch of international bidding for raw material gas and finished product gas compressors for the 200,000-ton/year ethylene glycol project in China, and opened the door for domestic compressors to be used in the field of coal chemical industry. The 200,000-ton/year ethylene glycol project is a high-tech project with full independent intellectual property rights developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jinmei Chemical Company. The project uses lignite as raw material to make ethylene glycol, which is the first in the world. Therefore, after the project is successfully put into operation, it will play a positive role in the optimization of China’s energy structure; Shaanxi Drum sign a 200,000-ton/year ethylene glycol project feedstock gas and product gas compressor manufacturing contract, marking Shaanxi Drum in coal The application of chemical industry has occupied the commanding heights.
Air separation units reach a new level
Air separation plant is an important auxiliary equipment widely used in oil refining, ethylene, chemical fertilizer, coal chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. In the next 5 to 10 years, with the construction of millions of tons of large-scale ethylene, 10 million-ton large-scale oil refining, large-scale coal-to-olefins, and methanol projects, as well as the construction of steel and thermal power projects, the market demand for ultra-large air separation plants will getting bigger.
The air compressor unit is a key unit in the air separation unit. In order to seize market opportunities, Shaanxi Drum has continuously increased investment in scientific research and development in recent years, and strived to improve the design and manufacturing technology level of the air compressor unit and achieved remarkable results. The major performance parameters and technical indicators of the 40,000 to 60,000 class air separation units designed and manufactured by Shaanxi Drum have reached the international advanced level.
According to statistics, since the year 2002, Shaanxi Drum has provided more than 50 sets of air compressors for companies in the chemical and metallurgical fields, with the market share being the highest, reaching 80% or more.
Deepen the research of centrifugal compressor system
Shaanxi Drum has mastered the system technology related to centrifugal compressors and the complete sets of technologies for multi-generators through the research of process systems and multi-generator sets. At present, more than 200 large-scale sets have been designed and manufactured in complete sets. Including the largest engineering contracting project for the 270,000-ton/year nitric acid plant of Jinkai Group in China, the success of this project has laid the foundation for the rapid occupation of the domestic market by Shaanbi centrifugal compressors.
At present, Shaanxi Drum has produced more than 1,000 sets of centrifugal compressors and more than 20 sets of nitric oxide compressors for nitric acid plants, making it the only company in China capable of independently designing and manufacturing triple-in-one and four-in-one units.
In the design and manufacture of high pressure, special media centrifugal compressors, Shaanxi Drum designed and manufactured localized raw gas (natural gas) compressors for methanol plants, and domestically produced rich gas compressors for refineries, which have been put into operation by many users. . Recently, Shaanxi Drum successfully won the bid for the first domestically produced 100,000-ton/year coke gas-to-methanol engineering syngas compressor unit, marking that Shaanxi Drum has taken a solid step in the localization of chemical high-pressure real gas centrifugal compressors.

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