Tianjin Petrochemical refinery hydrogen production equipment transformation into the finishing

The picture shows: The reform of the hydrogen production equipment in Tianjin Petrochemical's oil refining project is underway.

Recently, in the Tianjin Petrochemical 1 million tons / year ethylene and related project refinery project hydrogen plant renovation construction, although it is a hot summer season, but the workers do not reduce their enthusiasm, everywhere hot work scene. Due to the completion of the project, the four-building Tianjin Petrochemical Refinery Project Department scientific organization, reasonable arrangements for the duration of the project, the workers to participate in the transformation overcome the difficulties of the hot weather, narrow venues, and other difficulties, grab time, speed, the site presents a big picture, the current amount of work More than half of them have been completed, and no accidents have been achieved. The passing rate of quality inspections has reached 100% at one time.

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