A tangible hand takes a shot when it's time

The National Development and Reform Commission announced on January 16 that with the approval of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission decided to initiate interim price interventions, covering a wide range of important goods and commodities related to ordinary people, including liquefied petroleum gas, and detailed the interventions. Forms and specific methods.
Many people may think that this policy is not a return to the government's pricing in the era of planned economy. actually not. The introduction of this policy has the background of the national economy and is closely related to the current domestic market in an extraordinary period. On a large scale, the price formation and transmission mechanism of the domestic market economy is still not very mature. The price manipulation, borrowing potential, industry collusion, and shop-in bullying and other behaviors that have market economic rules still play a big role. The space is always revived. In 2007, the collective price increase of instant noodles, which caused widespread public concern, reflected this point in a concentrated manner. From a realistic perspective, the Central Government is increasingly concerned about the current domestic excess liquidity and the rapid rise in prices from comprehensive structural inflation to comprehensive inflation. Price has become an important factor affecting the sound and rapid development of the national economy in the coming period. Affected the sensitive nerves of every citizen.
The market economy is not a panacea for the regulation of product prices. The invisible hand of the market makes prices more efficient and accurate and reflects the value of the goods. At the same time, it also greatly increases the risk of huge price fluctuations and even social unrest. Based on this, even in developed countries with a highly developed market economy, prices are not allowed to let themselves go by themselves. What's more, we are such a country that has fought for only 30 years on the road of the market economy. Therefore, the current central government's temporary intervention in prices during the extraordinary period of the market will surely become a “nemesis” for some people who want to make fire. This is very necessary and timely for the entire society, and it truly reflects the socialist system’s regulation and control in the market. The irrational behavior of the market to correct the advantages.
In view of the persistently high international crude oil prices, on November 1st last year, the National Development and Reform Commission adjusted the prices of gasoline, diesel and aviation kerosene in order to avoid the contradiction between supply and demand caused by the increase in domestic oil and crude oil prices. After the price adjustment, the tightness of diesel supply in some regions has eased. On January 8 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission raised the price of crude oil on the international market, and the price of imported liquefied gas rose. Some liquefied gas producers violated state regulations, arbitrarily increased their prices, or hoarded prices, driving up prices and disrupting the order of market prices. To effectively stabilize the price of liquefied gas. On January 9, the State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Wen Jiabao once again proposed that the prices of refined oil, natural gas, and electricity should not be adjusted in the near future, and the price of chemical fertilizers should remain stable. This is a very timely and powerful move to maintain the sound and rapid development of the national economy. Because only the increase in price of coal, electricity and gas for fertilizer production in 2007 has resulted in an increase in cost per ton of urea by more than 100 yuan.
Therefore, it is necessary for the market to rely on the tangible hands of the government to carry out price intervention during the extraordinary period. We should actively support cooperation.
The implementation of temporary price intervention by the state does not change the nature of the firm’s own pricing, does not freeze the price, and does not affect the normal operation of the company. The government is interfering with the company's unreasonable price adjustment. After the situation that the price has risen significantly has disappeared, the government will promptly release the intervention.

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