How to store mineral processing equipment that has not been used for a long time

A complete beneficiation production line equipment contains a large number of ore dressing equipment. In the daily life process, not all of the mineral processing equipment should be put into the production of the beneficiation production line. These unused beneficiation equipment are to be stored for better production in the future.

How to store the mineral processing equipment that has not been used for a long time, in order to avoid the problems in the process of storage of the mineral processing equipment? In the process of long-term storage, the mineral processing equipment should pay attention to several aspects, so that the mineral processing equipment can always be in the best state. When the mineral processing equipment is used, it can be used in the normal production process as soon as possible.

1. The mineral processing equipment not used for a long time should be stored in a dry room to prevent the concentrating equipment from rusting in a humid environment.

2. The beneficiation equipment containing the battery should be stored in the dry and antifreeze. Lay the floor on a flat floor and do not place conductive objects on the sides of the battery. Lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month, to ensure clean and dry their appearance.

3. The ore dressing equipment should place the mechanical fuel control rod in the idle position. If conditions permit, preservatives should be added to make a new oil film appear in the lubrication parts of each part. Before storing, will not corrupt the metal parts of the engine, fuel tank fill diesel.

4. Apply butter to the exposed parts of the metal of the beneficiation equipment to prevent rust.

5. After parking the mineral processing equipment, cover it with a cover cloth. To prevent the fuel tank from rusting. Place it indoors as much as possible, and if it has to be placed outdoors, regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine is required.

Saline Injection Machine

Stainless Steel Manual Chicken Saline Injection Machine Saline Injection Machine Price

1. The fully automatic saline brine injection machine can evenly inject the pickling solution prepared with brine and auxiliary materials into the meat, which not only shortens the pickling time, but also makes the pickling agent evenly distributed, greatly improving the taste and yield of meat products. 2. This meat saline injection is easy to clean and has a reasonable structure. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel and is clean and hygienic. It is an indispensable equipment in the meat industry.
3. According to different technological requirements, the stepping speed, the stepping distance, the gap between the pressing plate and the injection pressure can be adjusted to inject the pickling liquid evenly and continuously into the meat to achieve the ideal injection effect.

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