What are the conditions for restoring a driver's license?

The driver's license is very important for everybody. In many occasions, it can be used as an ID card. If we say that our driver's license is really being revoked, it is not an easy task to recover. Although many people know that it is not easy to recover after being revoked, it is not entirely impossible to restore a driver's license, but it is not that all driver's licenses can be restored, but still have to take into account their actual situation. The new "Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses" has been implemented, so it is not entirely impossible to resume the driver's license. As long as there is no violation of the law, we can directly restore it. We only need to apply in advance, but we still have to re-examine. This will not change.

Of course, many friends have never violated regulations, but their own driver's license expired and forgot to renew their licenses. This is especially true for some drivers who have passed their driving licenses. Drivers who don’t drive a car are prone to such problems. Easy. We can complete the restoration directly through the appropriate examination, but we need to go to the local traffic police department to apply. If it is already more than three years of validity and has been written off, we must pay special attention to the re-examination. We must understand the content of the exam and the time in advance. As long as there are no other problems, they can all be passed once, but the examination is a necessary process.


Of course, there are some cases where you can apply for an examination directly without having to learn a driver's license. The main thing is to check whether the original driver's license has not been revoked for more than the validity period, or whether the original driver's license was revoked. If the original driver's license is for his own initiative to apply for cancellation, it is also possible to directly apply for the exam without having to learn. If the original driver's license is passed, the application can be completed. The original driver’s license, because the physical condition of the holder did not meet the requirements at the time, meets the corresponding requirements in the later period, and can also directly apply for the examination. It is suggested that you should apply according to your actual situation. After all, whether there will be other changes in the later period is still unknown. If you can recover now, everyone should apply in time.

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