The most annoying kind of driving behavior

1. It is relatively rare that the situation of disorderly parking in big cities is relatively small, because traffic enforcement in the first-tier cities is still rather harsh. However, in some small third- and fourth-tier cities, in addition to the more prosperous downtown areas, vehicles can be seen everywhere. In fact, most of the drivers are still relatively qualified, but they can't avoid finding someone who can't find a parking space, randomly park the car outside the door of other people's outlets, and randomly find a community to randomly stop. Then someone else's driveway is blocked, leaving no contact with the vehicle. Such a person deserves to be defamed.


2, a car takes up two parking spaces should be someone to see, but have seen the two parking spaces occupied or the kind of standing between the two parking spaces, both sides of the position is let people stop, watching wide and again Not wide, narrow and not narrow. I don't know if the driver's technology is too close, or if it is intentional, it's easy to do so. Now that there are more people and more cars, it's already very difficult to find a parking place. In such a situation, it's just like he wants to draw his car. The heart has it all.

3. You can get a right-turn car with your eyes in front. It is a coincidence that a car suddenly surpasses the right-turn car lane, especially when the traffic flow during the rush hour is relatively large, and the intersection is not Great kind. When waiting for the red light, the car took up the right turn lane. This is the first time to get the green light for itself. However, the impact is not the normal passage of one or two people, resulting in a more serious traffic jam. Do less.

4, now on a number of specific roads and the community are still whistle, but some people like to face so dry, as if to let the people of the Earth know that you have a car. Especially in the midst of some early morning hours and the need for lunch breaks, rushing through the horns with angry hair can hardly describe the mood at that time. People living on low-floor floors were guilty of crimes, especially those with elderly and children in their families. If there are pedestrians and non-motor vehicles blocking your way on the road, try not to press the horn and you can flash it.

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