Motorcycle driver's license examination process

If you want to open a motorcycle, you also need a motorcycle driver's license, not just get on the train. Passing a motorcycle driving permit is a must for motorcycle enthusiasts. The exam for a motorcycle driving license consists of three subjects. All examinations require a driver's license.

The first subject is an examination of road traffic safety laws, regulations, and related knowledge. The second subject is an on-site driving skill test. The third subject is a road driving skill test. The motorcycle driving license is divided into D, E, and F shots. In addition to two or three rounds, you can also apply for a second-wheeler motorcycle and a three-wheel-drive motorcycle.


You can register with the test driver's license by driving school. When you register, bring your own original ID card and a photocopy of the driver's license, four photos for each inch, and submit a medical report. The focus of the physical examination program is to detect whether you are color blind, disabled, or have poor eyesight. After the registration is completed, the test of subject one begins about a week, and questions about the subjects of the first test are searched online for relevant driving test questions, and basic questions for familiar questions can be passed. Ninety percent are qualified. The examination method is an examination question, which is signed after passing the exam. A week or so is the on-site driving skill test of the subject 2. The on-site driving skill of the second subject is actually a test that you drive the motorcycle around the pile, take the S-type back and forth around the pile, the line is not allowed to cross the line during the examination, and the foot is not allowed to point. After the exam is completed, wait for the next quiz. Section 3 is also the road test, it is very simple to carry out this step, mainly to identify the traffic police gestures and the handling methods encountered when driving a motorcycle. The examination skill of this subject is just to follow the route requested by the examiner, and generally it is possible to cross the border and the results are announced on the spot. All the three subjects passed the wait for the final oath. This is the last part of the driver's license. The oath is mainly for you to remember to obey the traffic rules, drive civilly, and you can get your motorcycle driving license the next day. With a driver's license you can legally get on the road.

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