Wangniudun will build Dongguan's first lighting museum

This year, Wangniudun Town will cooperate with the listed company of the town (Guangdong Jinda Lighting Co., Ltd.) to build the China Jinda Lighting Museum, which is also the first lighting museum in Dongguan. The company will invest 100 million yuan and rent 45 acres of unused land in Hengli Village of the town for the construction of the museum. After the museum is completed, it will integrate design, sales, display and exhibition functions. The project is expected to increase the income of the group by about 7 million yuan, and the average annual increase of about 450,000 yuan for the village. At present, there is no similar lighting museum project in Dongguan. After the project is completed, it will lay the foundation for the gathering of the lighting industry in the town.

Meat Grinding and Chopping

Meat grinder and Chopper are indispensable equipment in the processing of meat products, and their function is to further crush and granulate the raw materials. The meat grinder is equipment that processes raw meat into granular meat fillings of different specifications according to different technological requirements during the meat processing and production process. It is widely used in various sausages, ham sausages, luncheon meats, meatballs, meat sauces, and pet food,and other meat products industries.
The chopping machine uses the cutting action of the high-speed rotation of the chopper to chop the meat and auxiliary materials into meat filling or minced meat, and it can also mix auxiliary materials, ice flakes, water and meat filling or meat together evenly. Especially due to the emulsification treatment of the chopper, the fine density and elasticity of intestinal products are greatly enhanced, and the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of meat products are maximized.

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