·59 rubber companies in Qingdao were investigated

On the 23rd, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that Huangdao has comprehensively launched the second batch of rubber enterprise special rectification actions. Up to now, the second batch of 59 enterprises has completed the investigation and will solve the rubber enterprise fundamentally before September this year. The odor is disturbing the people.
It is understood that the small rubber enterprises used to be the pillar industries of some towns and streets in Huangdao District, which have brought great contributions to the development of the regional economy, but also brought environmental pollution. According to the relevant person in charge of the Huangdao Branch of Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, there are more than 100 small rubber tire enterprises in Huangdao District, and the growth trend is mainly concentrated in Yinzhu Street, Tieshan Street, Zhangjialou Town and Lingang. The economic zone and other regions have a large number and a wide distribution, and most of them have problems such as no legal procedures, inadequate pollution control, unregulated production, and nighttime smuggling. In recent years, some illicit pollution from small rubber enterprises that are illegally produced, As a result of the concentration of reports from surrounding residents, the opinions of the people are getting bigger and bigger." The person in charge introduced.
To this end, in 2014, Huangdao District issued the “Notice of the People’s Government of Huangdao District of Qingdao on the closure of illegal rubber tire enterprises in accordance with the law”, and ordered that before December 31, 2014, it was not approved by relevant departments according to regulations, and there was no relevant license. Rubber tire manufacturers that have incomplete licenses must shut down by themselves. However, there are still some companies that want to squander their grievances. In order to circumvent the patrols of law enforcement officers, the implementation of the shutdown is on the weekend and the night.
In the special rectification action of the second batch of rubber tire production enterprises in Huangdao District, the environmental protection department mainly carried out special rectification of Wangtai Town and other related towns and streets, and resolutely decided to enterprises with small scale, backward production capacity, close to residential areas and pollution disturbance. It is banned; for some rubber tire enterprises with large scale, large number of employees, and most of the products are export types, continue to strengthen the environmental inspection and management; immediately rectify the production projects that fail to meet environmental protection requirements, and newly protect them. , pollution prevention and other facilities, actively guide enterprises to improve production processes, and gradually establish and improve environmental protection system supervision projects. It is reported that before September this year, the problem of odor and nuisance will be solved fundamentally.
The reporter learned that the first batch of rubber enterprise special rectification actions were mainly distributed in Yinzhu Street and Zhangjialou Town. A total of 44 rubber tire enterprises that had illegal activities and did not shut down themselves were ordered to suspend production and impose fines. The administrative penalty decision letter was also issued in accordance with the provisions of the newly revised Environmental Protection Law, and ordered to stop the sewage discharge decision. The second batch of rectification targets are mostly distributed in Lingang Economic Zone, Tieshan Street and Wangtai Street. Up to now, 59 enterprises including Qingdao Jinbaiheng Vehicle Co., Ltd., Qingdao Yuyang Rubber Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hongbin Industrial Products Co., Ltd. have been completed. The investigation was initiated and the company was required to stop illegal sewage disposal.
According to the law enforcement officials, according to the regulations, the project has not been illegally approved by the environmental protection examination and construction, has not been accepted for production, and has not obtained the pollutant discharge permit. If the relevant responsible person refuses to make correction after the rectification, it will be transferred to the public security organ for administrative detention. "In addition, excessive pollution discharge, counterfeit monitoring data, and improper operation of pollution treatment facilities, etc., will also be administratively detained." Law enforcement officials said that the next step will be to increase the punishment of environmental violations. Solve the problem of “low illegal cost and high law-abiding cost”.

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