Electric "pretty" Greentown - the eighth intelligent substation technology application forum those experts

Each time there is always a new gathering together, each gathering always for the same purpose, according to legend seven, each theme always brings different new ideas in the industry, reunited as a heritage. In this forum, there are different voices, advanced technologies, prefaced policies, high demand standards and more typical case applications. "Eighth Intelligent Substation Technology Forum" is about to kick off, you heard that?

The Eighth Intelligent Substation Technology Application Forum was jointly organized by the National Electric Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee and the National High Voltage Switchgear Standardization Technical Committee and will be unveiled in Zhengzhou, Henan Province on April 16-18, 2015. The forum will be based on a better service industry to promote the technical level of smart substation to further enhance the effective operation of the relevant units, equipment manufacturing enterprises, design institutes, suppliers and other industries to build a platform for communication and communication as a starting point to facilitate Industry colleagues exchange experience for the purpose. More than 30 industry experts will be invited to provide themed guidance from standards, policies, cutting-edge technologies and practical applications. This will facilitate industry professionals to grasp industry standards and understand cutting-edge technologies and latest policies in a bid to help promote the development of the industry.

Expert lineup brilliant appearance:

State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, respectively, from the smart substation planning and equipment needs analysis to explain;

Experts from China Electric Power Research Institute will make keynote speeches on the development of smart grid standards at home and abroad, the technical development and trend analysis of smart substations, the introduction of the latest use of transformers and isolation circuit breakers in smart substations,

National Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee Substation Working Group of experts on the intelligent substation domestic industry standards and international standards dynamic analysis for the interpretation of the standard industry professionals;

Shanghai Electric Power Company, Henan Electric Power Company, Beijing Electric Power Company and other substation operation and maintenance experts on the current intelligent substation structure optimization and operation and maintenance conditions for sharing;

Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute, Shanxi Electric Power Research Institute, Liaoning Provincial Electric Power Research Institute and other researchers will conduct state-of-the-art substations and intelligent auxiliary system for keynote speech;

State Grid Beijing Institute of Economic and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, also known professors will also attend the meeting on the smart substation project and technical analysis of evaluation and outlook;


Look forward to witness with you this industry event - From the current smart grid technology trends - Standard construction requirements - Discussion of equipment integration - Sharing of typical projects and on-site visits, all with the current power grid technology development and practical application of the perfect Combination, is about to present a concentrated, bring a brainstorm in the industry.

More exciting please pay attention:

Eighth Intelligent Substation Technology Application Forum

Meeting time and place

Conference Registration: April 15, 2015 all day

Meeting time: April 16-18, 2015

Location: Henan Province, the Yellow River Guest House

2. Conference organization

Organizers: National Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Technical Committee

National High-voltage Switchgear Standardization Technical Committee

Sponsor: Purcell Media

3. Conference theme

A new generation of smart substation challenges and development

4. Participants

Network / provincial, prefectural / city power (power) company substation management responsible person

Power Design Institute of professional leaders, design engineers

Research Institute substation professional researchers

Substation automation system integrators, complete sets of equipment manufacturers

Transformer products and solutions provider

5. Assembly official website

Eighth Intelligent Substation Technology Application Forum


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