Seven factors affecting the building intercom system

As the standard security product configuration of today's residential quarters, the products produced by various enterprises conform to the requirements of customers, and they want to stand alone and become more promising. The functions are becoming more and more abundant, and the technical threshold is getting higher and higher. Although the system is complicated, in general, due to the gradual accumulation of industry experience, the reliability of the design of the product itself is on the rise.
However, in many years of project experience, among all the systems covered by our intelligent professional, the building intercom system often bears the most nicknames. The most ugly is even "one year normal, three years and a half, five years are all unreachable." "The saying", why? Analyze together.
Dust influence factor
Building intercom system Many equipments are installed in electric wells. Generally speaking, electric wells are relatively closed environment. After years of dust, the accumulation of dust affects the heat dissipation of the equipment. Combined with humid air, it becomes a conductor and covers the circuit board. The circuit is faulty and corrosive to corrode the circuit itself. This can cause equipment failure or board burnout.
Coping strategies: Regular inspections, timely cleaning, and prevention of equipment outside the box.
Intermediate transmission equipment is subject to moisture
Whether it is the exposed part of the equipment or the signal transmission part, the humidity and the moisture return have a great correlation with the normal operation of the equipment. The weather is wet. When it is serious, you can see the wall drowning or dripping directly from the ceiling, which may lead to the building. The intercom equipment is ingress or circuit corrosion. Because it is an air environment problem, it is impossible to prevent it.
Coping strategy: Do the outer box protection, install according to the direction specified by the product, try to use the lower incoming line to avoid the condensed water flowing into the equipment box along the line and the pipeline.
Lightning factor
Lightning has a great threat to electronic products, leaving the lightning protection of the building itself. The external wiring is affected by the induced lightning under the lightning disaster, generating high-voltage pulse signals, entering the device interface through the line, destroying the equipment circuit.
Coping strategies: Many manufacturers have already designed the lightning protection function into the product. Pay attention to this factor when selecting the model. At the same time, install the signal and power supply lightning arrester according to the selected model and brand.
Strong and weak electricity is not separated
In the conformity of the architectural design, the strong electricity and the weak electricity are generally distributed in two different wells, but sometimes the developers will mix them in one electric well to reduce the cost, causing signal interference problems and installing the weak current system. The maintenance process also brings some security issues.
Coping strategy: Conditionally separate the strong and weak electricity. If it can't be separated, try to stagger the height of the weak and weak equipment to ensure the safety distance.
Installation process factor
Whether the installation process is correct or not is an important reason for the long-term stable operation of the building visual intercom system, and strictly adheres to the equipment installed in the process, which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment. Take the embedded wall machine as an example. If the installation is unreliable, the cell door will hit the door frame. The long-term mechanical vibration may shake some 'top-heavy' devices inside the device, such as inductors, coils, etc., which may also cause some connectors. Loose. Such as straight plug head, chip and chip holder, natural equipment can not work properly, there is a common cause of switch failure of the internal relay of the device, the general internal switch of the relay is a mechanical structure. Under the influence of the instantaneous acceleration caused by the vibration, the switch state may change, and naturally an abnormal phenomenon occurs, such as unlocking the unlocking relay. Similar problems include the backlighting of the main camera at the door and so on.
Coping strategy: Strict implementation of the installation process.
Rain factor
Rainwater is the most severe test for outdoor building intercom equipment that does not have effective shielding conditions. Even if GA/T72-2005 "Building Intercom System and General Technical Conditions for Electronically Controlled Security Doors" requires product design to be consistent with IP33 waterproof rating. It is often able to work normally after the rain test, but it usually does not survive the erosion of wind and rain for many years, and it can enter the rain with an angle of more than 50° when the wind and rain are not strong.
Coping strategies: Choose equipment with a higher level of water resistance. For equipment that is completely exposed to the outside, it is recommended to install a rain shield that effectively blocks rain.
High and low temperature effects
The video intercom system has an allowable normal working range, such as temperature -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C or -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C, should consider the working environment of the product, select products that can adapt to the local extreme temperature to ensure the product Normal work, for example, in northern China, LED display products are generally selected when selecting a door machine. If you want to use LCD display products, you must have relevant anti-low temperature design, because the LCD display screen operating temperature generally needs to be above -10 °C. Long-term high temperature environment may also affect the normal heat dissipation of the device, change the operating parameters of the device circuit, and affect the stability of the device.

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