Rocker Giant - Lifting a High Jet

Today we come to introduce another kind of fire truck, lifting a high jet fire truck. The composition of a high-ejection fire truck includes a folding telescopic arm structure, an electric remote-controlled fire monitor, a tank body, and a second-class chassis. The boom is a basic arm (two-arm, three-arm, four-arm) and the arm end is equipped with an imported electric remote-controlled fire monitor. Firefighters control fire cannons electronically and remotely from multiple angles to spray, spray water or spray foam in high altitudes for general fire suppression. The telescopic movement of the boom is achieved by a chain, a hydraulic cylinder, and a guide wheel. The fire hose is fixed on one side of the telescopic arm, and the telescopic arm is extended and raised together. The telescopic and swing operations of the boom are all controlled by the electronic control on the rotary table. Handle control.


The characteristics of high-ejection fire fighting vehicles refer to fire fighting vehicles equipped with support systems, rotary disks, raised booms, and fire extinguishing devices that can be used to extinguish fires and rescues, usually based on the differences in the structure and use of the boom system. The difference is divided into three types of ladder fire trucks, climbing platform fire engines and lifting high fire engines. The high-ejection firefighting vehicle is commonly known as the high-sprayer, which adopts a crank arm structure and is equipped with a fire monitor at its top. The liquid-controlled gun can spray water and spray foam. It has a long range, high flow, and can easily occupy a high altitude. Agent. In recent years, high-ejection fire engines have been developed in a multi-functional manner. For example, puncture nozzles are installed on the top of booms, hydraulic cylinders are used to power the demolition appliances through remote control devices to break glass windows, plywood, or even bricks and mortar. The roof of the building allows the water to be sprayed directly into the interior.

Not long ago, China United Firefighting launched a new product - a large-span special high-emission jet fire engine. This vehicle is used in petroleum, chemical, oil tanks, factories, warehouses and other fire fighting special vehicles, can effectively solve the explosive, easy Fire, high-heat and other fires, where conventional fire trucks and firefighters cannot approach the fire, are playing an irreplaceable role in the emergency rescue process. Its characteristics are as follows: 1, the world's largest fire extinguishing radius, boom operating height of 50 meters, a maximum operating radius of 44 meters 2, a variety of boom combinations, with excellent ability to overcome obstacles and extinguishing ability 3, boom fully automatic deployment System 4, support for unilateral legs 5, comprehensive hydraulic system functions, high fire extinguishing efficiency 6, high temperature arm protection system configuration 7, optional Blizzard foam fire monitor 8, optional remote video surveillance system.


The use of high-spray jet vehicles is an integral part of the high-rise building community. It will surely usher in new opportunities for market development. Serving people with a new high profile, it has become a giant rock to protect people's property and personal safety.

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