Truck driver tells you the truth, why don't I step on the brakes!

From the perspective of the limousine driver, those who drive large trucks are simply terrible and hateful, but what if they stand in the perspective of the big driver? Many cars are also all kinds of unreasonable things, such as: shuttle back and forth between the carts, do not want to order the other carts, leisurely in front of the cart, what is more, directly to the front of the cart to a sudden stop!

Today Xiao Bian sent out complaints from cart drivers. Let us reflect together, understand each other, respect one another, and live in harmony!

1. Master Li

In fact, we opened the car's sight better than the car, and opened it more than the car feels, I think it is difficult to drive the car and reverse the shift on the ramp, and the other thing is that the car's brakes are not well controlled It's very difficult to live in. This is very dangerous. Under full load, it takes 2-3 km from 0 to 80, and from 80 to 0, at least 500 meters. Never try to compete with the big car. All people have insurance. Really not afraid to kill you.

2. Master Zeng

I do not know if you have had this behavior: don't have a big car! It is that large trucks may have caused some impact on the cars because of overtaking or some irresistible reasons. At this time, some of the saloon drivers will suddenly change lanes to provoke the front of the cart and even make a sudden stop.

For my many years of professional experience, this is purely for death! When the car suddenly came to a sudden stop, the rear car did not stop, you are finished, even if the car to escape, it is very likely to get out of control rollover, is not able to alive you?

3. Master teacher

You always say that the big car is very dangerous to your car. For us to drive a big car, the car is also very dangerous. It's a bit scary to follow the car. Keep abreast of the car. The car is definitely a variety of . And there are a lot of overtaking and overtaking. The front of the car just passed me and came over. If it catches up with me, does it crash?

Driving is sometimes too dangerous. I am more open and fearful, and I am more open and timid. I think the car is still a bit far from the big car, and once it does, it's up to whoever is responsible. First of all, your car definitely hurt! If the car brakes, it is easy to roll over, or even “break”. In addition, I would also like to say that driving a large car will almost always lead to fatigue!

The experience provided by the cart drivers is very good. Everyone knows each other's ideas, and they can know each other and know each other. In the battle of safe driving, they can be victorious.

4. Xiaobian reminds

In fact, the car is the majority of provocateurs. The bus drivers ran for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, exorbitant taxes, fears, and arrogance. It was hard work and hard work to feed their families. Once there is a dispute with the car, it will delay time. For them, it will reduce income. There are many large cargo drivers who are husband and wife. The family members all rely on this car to survive. They are the most reluctant to cause trouble. .

Therefore, we must strictly follow the car driver: Do not shuttle between the vehicles, do not maliciously go to other large trucks, do not go to provoke the cart, is strictly prohibited in the emergency lane overtaking. Only when both parties understand and respect each other will they be able to get home safely!

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