Combined machine tool multi-axle box computer aided design system

The first phase of the Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Industry, Deng A combination machine tool multi-axis box computer-aided design system Zhang Xiaosong Shu Han Xu Ming Shenyang Institute of Machinery Manufacturing Department introduced the use of two secondary development tools are developed combined machine tool multi-axle box based on the principle of modularization The various components of the design system, as well as the use of the visual programming language and the Microsoft base class library, make the interactivity of the program interface significantly higher than the previous design.
Keyword Combination Machine Tool, Module Introduction The combination machine tool is a high-efficiency special machine tool consisting of a general-purpose component designed by serialization and a special component designed according to the shape of the workpiece and the processing requirements.
At present, the combined machine tools are widely used in the manufacturing industries such as automobile tractors with large production batches.
In particular, it is suitable for the production of products with relatively high production automation standards and relatively mature design methods.
Therefore, computer-aided design of combined machine tools is of particular importance here.
During the design process, focus on the multi-axle box section.
The multi-axle box is an important special component among the components of the combined machine tool. The multi-spindle rotary motion is transmitted through the transmission system in the casing, and the machining process of the hole thread is completed by the cutter.
The system is used for drilling and reaming reaming hole tapping and tapping and drilling multi-axle box design. According to the overall design of the combined machine tool (that is, the original data provided by the three map card, the following work can be completed. design.
The selection of gear arrangement coordinates including the completion of the transmission shaft arrangement scheme calculates the strength and stiffness of each transmission component, geometric interference check, and the like.
Figure and print schedule.
Including the completion of drawing multi-axis box assembly drawings and listing assembly schedules to draw various common parts such as the front cover of the box front cover, etc.) supplementary processing drawing special parts (such as displacement gears and other parts drawing finishing parts list).
Development Tools This system program runs under the environment and requires support from library functions and header files provided by the platform and development environment, and is used as a compilation and linking tool.
It is the third-generation development environment for secondary development of the system launched by American company.
Due to the full use of resources, Microsoft's basic class library and advanced visual programming language and tools can easily and efficiently design applications with typical styles, making the program interface and control more reasonable, with excellent visual and intuitive design effects. .
In addition, due to the use of the dynamic link library process, the program movement speed is greatly improved, and the program function is greatly enhanced.
System Composition The system program is designed according to the modular principle.
It consists of a main control module and corresponding sub-modules, and an interactive operation interface is widely used.
The system program is run by establishing the association between the control of the main control module dialog box and the sub-module that implements a certain function and the coordination relationship between the upper and lower bounds.
All system programs are developed in a ten-integrated development environment, edited and linked into applications, and then loaded in the environment.
The following is a description of the main components of the system.
The interactive interface of the main control module of the main control module is created in the development environment by making full use of the class library and using the dr wizard.
It includes an interactive work platform that can create documentation and complete the design work through a pop-up dialog.
The icon dialog box has two basic control edit boxes for creating a new design project. Enter the new file name and press the OK button to select the design item that has been created in the list box. If you want to select it, select it through the scroll bar. The file name, press the OK button.
After the button is pressed, the system will enter the human interface.
In the first phase, Zhang Xiao and other combined machine tool multi-axle box computer-aided design system counts the diameter of the drive shaft and the modulus of the gear.
For the calculation of the gear modulus, only the gear with the largest and weakest load in the multi-axle box is selected for the check of the contact strength and bending strength.
If an indicator is found to be inconsistent with the requirements, the relevant parameters may be modified according to the actual situation until the requirements are met.
Geometric Interference Check Module This module is used to check whether there is a collision between the support parts of the transmission parts in the multi-axle transmission system to ensure the normal transmission of the system.
Before the module is running, it is necessary to call the coordinate data of each drive shaft and spindle position determined by the coordinate calculation module.
The interferometric check runs through the calling process of each sub-module in the transmission system design module, that is, each time the design sub-module is called and the corresponding design parameters are modified, the system needs to perform sub-geometry interference check to find the problem in time.
If geometric interference is found, the system will immediately display an error message, prompting the designer to correct it.
Part (an important part of the electrical control system of the multi-axle hydraulic system).
Since the basic design work is automatically completed by the system, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the design quality is ensured stably.
In addition, the use of advanced programming interface design language makes the system's operability significantly improved.
With the gradual promotion of multimedia teaching methods in colleges and universities, this system also provides a wealth of content for the design of machine tools.
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Beijing Beijing Hope Computer Company, Concluding Remarks The multi-axis box system program described in this article is a combination of machine tools, three intestines, and a record of the fly.

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