Red Day Akon's environmental protection co-fired furnace was successfully put into operation

Recently, Shandong Hongri Acon Co., Ltd. invested several million yuan, successfully launched a set of fluidized-coal-combustion furnace system for the recovery of waste gas and ash slag, and achieved a coal-to-synthetic ammonia and methanol production system, two coals and one coal, and two furnaces. At the same time, the exhaust gas and ash residue generated during the production process are solved.

The company uses the combustion characteristics of the fluidized bed, borrows the recycled material recovery technology of the circulating fluidized bed boiler, adopts the mode of the blower gas waste heat boiler, and generates the blown gas and gas slag generated during the production process of the ammonia and methanol gas generating device. Gas dust collector fine ash (exhaust gas, waste residue, waste ash), etc., mixed with some coal gangue, bituminous coal, anthracite powder, co-firing in the furnace at the same time. Fluidized combustion produces high-temperature flue gas, and heat recovery is centralized to generate electricity for production and daily use of employees.

It is reported that this system will generate millions of yuan in economic benefits for the company each year, which can not only reduce the production cost but also greatly reduce the environmental pollution.