Facebook laser device universal Internet access plan to make new progress

The Connectivity Lab, a division of Facebook, plans to develop fast, cheap Internet access for people in remote and underdeveloped areas by developing lasers that introduce new breakthroughs. Internet Lab has developed a new laser communication detection device. By means of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), this light bulb-shaped detection device can be used with existing wireless network devices to achieve 2Gbps network Transmission rate.

Tobias Tiecke of Interconnect Lab said, "There are still many people who lack access to Internet because of the lack of wireless infrastructure and are concentrated in remote areas of the world. We are developing a wireless communication technology that will bring hope to these areas, Can help them connect with each other. "The research paper has been published in the journal Optical Journal.

Light & Medium Duty Slurry Pump

Product Introduction

Pump type ML is the standard light duty slurry pump which designed for the continuous pumping of light abrasive, light density slurries with minimal maintenance requirements. The maintain high efficiencies over the wear life of its components and typical used in process plant transfers, wet waste processes recycling-washing plant, sad plant duties, heavy minerals processing, mineral recovery and chemical process plant.

Product Features

-Wear resistant metal or rubber wet end parts, long service life

-Wide option for Impeller

-Various types of pump seals to suit different working condition

-Grease or oil lubrication

-Discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degree

-Can be installed in multistage series

-Easy to maintain

Pump Range:

-Size: 20mm ~650mm

-Head: 4~ 60m

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