Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck

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Encyclopedia Card Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck
1. The vehicle is a waste collection vehicle for the sanitation department.
2. Spam is thrown in by the side doors on both sides of the box, collected, and then transported to a garbage transfer station or a landfill site.
3. The top of the bin is closed and cannot be opened.

Composition: Dongfeng swing arm garbage truck adopts Dongfeng, Liberation, etc. Chassis arm dump truck can use chassis such as: CA1120P9K2LE (liberation), EQ1040TJ20D3 (Dongfeng bully), EQ1141KJ (Dongfeng 153), EQ1102FLJ5 (Dongfeng 140) installation of unified support Hydraulic lifting assembly, through the left and right arms shipped nationwide unified arm-type trash bucket, can be a multi-bucket, with self-unloading function, to achieve safety and stability, reliable performance. The garbage bucket body is divided into two types of garbage buckets, which are configured by the swing arm type and the ground pit. Sealing cover can be installed to prevent leakage of flying pollution, to adapt to different environmental requirements using domestic leading technology and military enterprise parts, reliable quality, the manufacturer can provide users with garbage bucket drawings to help users design waste. Uses The Dongfeng Swing Arm garbage truck is widely used for garbage treatment in urban streets. It is applicable to the national general garbage bucket. It can be equipped with multiple garbage buckets for one vehicle, multiple garbage buckets for each garbage point, with self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, and function classification. Pit-type arm swinging garbage truck, ground-type arm swinging garbage truck Tray classification trapezoidal bucket, boat-shaped bucket, square bucket, sealed bucket Product Categories Dongfeng XBW swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng Duolika swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 140 Swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 swing arm garbage truck.

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