Manual Pump for Core Displacement Device

Model NO.: SW Series
HS Code: 84779000
New type Multi-function Core Displacement Experiment Device

This device is mainly for displacement experiments, such as water displacement, chemical flooding, miscible displacement, miscible pressure, CO2 displacement, N2 displacement, natural gas flooding etc.In Oil and gas field development disciplines and research for recovery improvement.The device combined with modern automatic control concepts and humanized structure design and widely used by many oil research institutes.
Main parameters:
Injection pressure 40Mpa
Accuracy 0.2F·S8226S
Flow 0.001ml/min
Hi-pressure Mid-container 1000ml/50Mpa
Low-pressure storage vessel 1000/0.5Mpa
Simulated constant temperature environment 180ºC
Temperature control accuracy ±1ºC
Core holder model Φ25X80mm
Pressure 32Mpa
Temperature 180ºC
Size 45X45X300mm
Sand feeding model Φ25X1000mm
Pressure 40Mpa
Vacuum pump 2XZ-25X10-2PA
Vacuum buffer ZR-5 600ml
Vacuum dryer ZR-5 600ml
Manual pump JB-3  50Mpa   210ml
Back-pressure buffer ZR-2  500ml/32Mpa
Recycle pressure tracker D-250L  80Mpa  0.8L/Min.
Pneumatic valve CV210  70Mpa
Storage vessel ZR-5  3000ml

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