Digital Temperature Controlled Bath Type Oil Viscosity Test Kit (TPV-8)

Model NO.: TPV-8
Viscometer Reproducibility: ±0.2%
Viscometer Rotor Number: 4 Viscometer Sample Holes
Viscometer Rotor Speed: 1520rounds/Min
Viscometer Rotor Specifications: 4 Viscometer Sample Holes
Condition: New Condition
Function: Measure Viscosity of Oil
Application: Transformer Oil,Lube Oil,Diesel Oil,Hydraulic Oil.
Comply: GB265-88, GB1814, ASTM D445, IP71 etc.
Customized: Power Supply and Other Requirements
Trademark: TOP
Specification: SGS, CE, ISO
Origin: Chongqing, China
HS Code: 90278000
Digital temperature controlled bath type oil viscosity test kit (TPV-8)
TPV-8 kinematic viscosity tester, applicable to GB265-88, GB1814, ASTM D445, IP71 and other determining methods, adopts precise digital temperature controller to control temperature, with advantage of digital display, high accuracy of temperature control, time-reckoning via digital stopwatch and uniform temperature of homoeothermic waterbath. It not only can be installed with four viscometers for testing simultaneously, but also can be a high-viscosity homoeothermic waterbath for other testing. 

1. Adopts imported precise digital temperature controller to control temperature of bathtub and highlighted digital stopwatch for timing, easy to operate.
2. Equipped with ten-liter homoeothermic bathtub with advantages of uniform temperature and effective temperature control.
3. Equipped with stainless steel heater and components, anti-corrosion and durable; and employed with annular typed daylight lamp for lighting, easy to observe. 
4. TPV-8, with four viscometer installing holes, can test four types of oil for testing simultaneously.
5. Capillarimeter clutch is three-point vertical type, with advantage of flexible and convenient operation and reliable grasp.

Performance Standards

GB265-88 ,GB1814,ASTM D445,IP71, etc.

Capillary Viscometer

Conform to SH/T0173-92 Technical Conditions of Glass Capillary Viscometer
Conform to JJG155 Verification Regulation of Routine Capillary Viscometer

Method of Display

Precise digital temperature controller              
Highlighted digital stopwatch calculagraph

Temperature Control Range

Arbitrary setting between room temperature and 150ºC            

Testing Range

Kinematic viscosity:0.5~20000mm2/s
Kinetic viscosity:0.3~40000mPa.s

Temperature Control Accuracy


Timing Accuracy


Timing Range


Homoeothermic Bathtub

300×300mm double layer

Temperature Test Component

Precise imported platinum electric resistance

Stirring Speed


Highest Power


Sample Quantity

4 pieces

Working Environment

Ambient temperature: 15--35ºC   
Ambient Humidity: <85%

Power Supply

220V AC±10%; 50Hz±1Hz





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