Automotive Car Light Transparent Protective Film Thermal Evaporation Vacuum Coating Machine

Model NO.: CCZK-EL
Chamber Size: Can Be Customized According to Details Requirement
Application: Car Lamps, Buttons, Cosmetic Caps, Christmas Ball
Coating Materials: Aluminium Wire, Cooper Wire, Chrome Wire,etc
Coating Color: Silver /Cooper /Rainbow Color,etc
Coating Substrat: Glass,ABS,PVC,Resin,Metal
Structure: Vertical Double Door or Horizontal Single Door
Voltage: 380 V or as Request
Package: Wooden Package or as Request
After Sales: Free Training & Oversease After Sales Available
Trademark: CICEL
Transport Package: Wooden Box Plastic Film Cover High Cube Export S
Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
HS Code: 8543300090
The details of Automotive car light transparent protective film thermal evaporation vacuum coating machine

What is Vacuum metalizing?
§  Basically it is one form of Physical vapor deposition.
§  Essentially, this process was developed to imbue non-metal items with metallic properties
§  A process of combining metal with a non-metallic substrate through evaporation.
§  While there are many different metals to choose from when using this type of technology, aluminum is the most common due to its relatively low melting temperature and its very bright reflection.
§  Metalizing can be done to a part to give it mirror-like properties, or change its electrical properties, or to simply make it look more aesthetically pleasing.
§  Metal is vaporized inside a vacuum chamber and then it condenses back into solid metal on the item to be coated.
How Vacuum metalizing is done?
Process includes

§  Fabrication of custom tooling fixtures to hold and mask your parts during the vacuum metalizing and painting processes.
§  Base coating; For most decorative and reflective applications it is necessary to apply a specially formulated primer or basecoat to promote adhesion and to provide a smooth surface, assuring a high quality surface for the metalizing or finish paint steps.
§  Then vacuum metalizing itself
§  Top coating; only when it requires, topcoat is applied to enhance, moisture, abrasion, and chemical resistance.
Why Vacuum metalizing?
§  Vacuum metalizing has many uses including; EMI/RFI shielding, decorative chrome and metallic finishes, highly reflective coatings for light reflectors, heat shielding, vapor barriers, and more.
§  Metalizing can be done to a part to give it mirror-like properties, or change its electrical properties, or to simply make it look more aesthetically pleasing.
§  Highly reflective chrome like surface.
§  Low cost when compared to other plating methods.
§  Will not bury the detail in the part, but will show imperfections such as scratches and nicks.
§  Can be tinted for various colors: Gold, Brass, Copper, Red, Blue, Green and Black Chrome.
§  RF Shielding
Vacuum metallizing process is used for decorative metallic finishes, EMI/RFI Shielding, and Reflective coatings on plastic, glass, and metal substrates.

 Vehicle Lighting and Components
Appliance Components
Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Lighting
Display Items, Cosmetic, & Product Packaging
EMI/RFI/ESD Shielding
Glassware & Mirrors
Consumer Products
Vapor Barrier Protection
Chrome Plating Replacement
Auto parts (centre panel products, side mirror covers, radiator grill face, keyless, louver parts), bike parts, cosmetic vessels, water purifier parts, reel parts
Car audio buttons, pull tabs, decorations, reel parts
Cosmetic vessels (bottle caps, compacts)
Auto parts (Meter rings, dials, front panel control buttons, keyless)
Meter parts, tap parts
Automobile control buttons & button periphery rings, camera control buttons.
Audio devices (ornaments, buttons, speaker cones)

Our factory
Support Service & Philosophy
At CICEL, we stand behind our systems with a dedicated service team who can diagnose and provide support when required, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.  Some of the parts and services that we offer include:
Reply your enquiry within 24 working hours
Experienced sales engineer will give your professional suggestion according to your details requirements
Offer customized design machine and overseas after-sales training. Buyer's engineer can come to our factory for machine and process training , or our engineer can visit customer's factory for professional training.
Supply replacement parts and consumable item for machine
Retrofits and Upgrades
Maintenance agreements
Technical Assistance and Consulting
Our dedicated service team is available 24/7 to provide superior service and to meet the needs of our customers.  From the initial installation and training to providing maintenance on existing equipment, we are here for you.
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Carbon steel
Alloy steel
Stainless steel
tool steel
Using carbon, alloy and stainless steel: max diameter is 84 inches with a maximum length of 108 inches
Using nickel and super alloys: max diameter is 50 inches with a maximum length of 65 inches
Using aluminum: max diameter is 72 inches with a maximum length of 96 inches
Using titanium: max diameter is 52 inches in titanium with a maximum length of 65 inches.

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